Proposed services

Proposed services

"The splendor of a snowy summit, surrounded by peaceful clouds. The atmosphere is imprint of love and peace. What is, will be: LOVE; diving into the abyss of love with decision and courage ... "

One step ends! The years have passed!
It is time to return to the peace of meditation and silence.
Thank you for being the crews in all the trips, during these multiple years, with courage and self-sacrifice.
We have lived happy and heroic hours in these quests! It was a privilege and an honor for me.
Now I will not make any more public appearances: neither groups nor conferences, neither interviews nor travels ... I retire to my hermitage !!
Now, silence, beauty, harmony and peace will be my daily foods.

I will only accompany people who want it via internet and will continue my energy care: and that will be all, and it will be good:
You can reach me on my email address:

May my physical body,
Diving in the Great Mother Earth deep roots
To draw the Force of Life!
May my branches join
The Great Father Sky and capture the energy of Prana!
May my heart, nourish beautiful and vast feelings,
Clear of the emotional and vital quagmire!
May my spirit feed on thoughts of Peace and Harmony
And join the shores of the "Terra Incognita"
In the unspeakable Joy of Here and Now!
May my soul live in Unity
And embody the end of divisions, fears and limits!

Henri Monfort