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Humans and Prana

Some thoughts about the process...

Since November 23rd, 2002, I have decided to nourish myself exclusively on Prana, without consuming any solid food.

Prana is the very essence of life that is present in all that exists. So far, except for a few ascetics in the caves of the Himalayas or in ashrams, there had has not been, to my knowledge, any systematic experimentation in the society in which we live everyday.

It is possible to concentrate Prana and to mobilize it to heal yourself and take care of others, animals and plants, but it is also possible to concentrate it and nourish yourself with it.

Indeed, Prana brings us all the elements necessary to Life, Health and Harmony at all four levels of being :
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It’s important to understand first and foremost that this approach is different from fasting : in fasting, we rely on our reserves while depriving ourselves of food,and this experience, although having its value concerning the purification and cleansing of the body , cannot last very long without serious health risks ... We empty our reserves, and when these reserves are drained, we die ... Beyond a month, a fast is risky ...

With pranic food, we set up a new way of eating and it is not limited in time. And I am proof, along with thousands of people around the world who share this experience.