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Some links to look into to complete this approach

Terra Nova Incognita, the site in Czech language created by Dana Hájková.
Isabelle Hercelin, whose food is "energy" since September 14th, 2009.
Manu Tahi Ori, magnetizer, teaches techniques to improve Sight and Vision.
Swiss physician, European holistic medicine pioneer for over forty years.
Author of forty books and lecturer.
He travels the world with his wife Johanne Razanamahay to assert that "health can be learned !"
Food of Light. Florence Bandera organizes courses accompanying the process of the pranic food.
Freedom Generation. Blog by Giorgio.
Yoga Center Iyengar in Montpellier: courses are given by certified teachers through during  weekly classes, workshops and trainings.
Regular conferences.
The Arts of the Senses : a place rich with diverse resources, dedicated to well -being and a better self-knowledge. Offers a selection of organic and fair trade labeled products, wellness massage techniques and traditional and contemporary activities taught in the East and throughout the world.
Sun Gazing Tantra : Tantra is a way of opening to life that integrates all aspects of our humanity and gives back to the entire BODY its innocent and sacred dimension. Sun Gazing is a practice of solar regeneration and healing, it is the art of "drinking " the sun through the eyes while absorbing its various vibrational frequencies , sound, energy...
Pranique.com : this is an awakening of consciousness that takes you back home, on the path of individual, collective Planetary , Galactic and Cosmic ascension. Five tabs are presented on the website : Culture, Pranic , Indigo Generations, Ascension, Generic.
Awareness of Heart : "Many work hard to open their conscience. But in my opinion, the key is the heart. When the heart opens, everything opens. The heart is the key that opens... all the doors... "
Yann Korah (individual coaching, lectures, workshops...)
Fast and Alive Foods. One thousand & one reasons for fasting : to have a break in our everyday life, improve our well being, reflect serenely, regenerate, reconnect to our own Source, engage changes, make new life choices...
Edwige Monod : learn how humans are built and decrypt synergy from which they are dependent.
"It is from nearly 25 years of experience that I can offer insight on how everything comes alive in you, for a better acting with yourself and your children present or future."